Huibiao Wu Architecture

























Coexistence residence, Sichuan China

Greenville Student Design Competition 2009, mit Tao Wang

10 Shortlisted Entries

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Conversation of Land:
The pilots elevate the mass off the ground to solve the problems of ventilation and moisture and left the space for the wild. By means of LED light provides the building the ground vegetation the necessary light to grow up. Using this way minimizes the design the occupation of land.

Energy saving:
The Compact shape and distribution minimize the area of the walls to reduce loss of heat. Efficient use of rainwater collection systems aim to conserve of water. That fit the situation of local clime as well.

Anti-seism design:
Light weight of steel structures with good ductility collaborate the depth of steel piles and structural principle of “strong column,weak beam” to provide a reliable safety and earthquake resistance.The easily recycling of structure reduces the last of environment.

the open space of roof floor with public assembles represents ecological tradition atmosphere of village life and quality.





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