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House in forest.

Shelter Student Architectural Design Competition 2010

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make a pot of tea, sitting
leaves falling at feet,
small animals appear around,
the wind blowing through the room,
birds fly to your table.
This is a small house in the forest,
it doesn’t try to show any strong ownership of land,
but interrupted himself
in many segments to avoid trees and puddles,
gently placed himself in the woods.
Space like “courtyards” of the house
are defined by constructions
but it is still a part of the nature
and not even cutted off at all.
This is the natural state of living,
the primitive being of architecture and human being.
Architecture defines human’s living space in nature.
But it does not had to be opposed to the nature,
they could be compatible to eachother.
In front of the nature
the architecture should not be an aggressive figure,
it could just be unobtrusive and even self-sacrificing.
This looks simple but crucial,
especially in our contemporary age...

2010 Autumn





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