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Mapping your way

Information Architecture, work with Tao Wang

displayed at Annual Exhibition of the Department of Architecture, ETH Zurich, 2010

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Here we will use "Massive"(software) to analyze and find out the "hot-points" in one city block.


Near which wall is there more people passing by? That means which facade embodies more Value for commercial and advertising. Different kind of shops or commence aim at different people. The action of people rely on their purpose of the people. How use the action of people to decide the position of shops?


I will try to explain the process with this evenings script. First, People go to bars for a drink after works and then taken food late at night, after eating they go to subway Station to go home. Man goes out of the office, walks in direction of a bar. Here I use the Sound input to tell him where is the bar, in which direction and how far is it. When he keeps on walking until is nearly 90 grad opposite to the wall, he will slow down and turn right or left by preference. At the same time he will try to avoid to bang into the wall. Here I use the vision input to control it. He walks along the wall to the Road crossing. And he will turn to the direction of the bar again. When he is only one side (for example the right side) opposite to the wall, he will turn to the left gradually and walks forth again.
In front of the door of the bar, he will and must slow down and walk into the bar. When the Agent go into the bar, a timer will be active and he will try to find the exit door after a while. The Door is a sound point. It is invisibly during the simulation. It tells the Agent where is the exit. When the Agent go out of the bar, another timer is active and the agent will find the way to snack (restaurant). For example a man can go to pasta after the drink. After eating the Agent finds the way to the subway and go home.


In the Morning, The Agents walks from Subway to their offices.
The ways with stark green means many agents will pass thought them in the morning. Then it is better along these ways the newspaper to hand round and breakfast to serve.
At Lunchtime The Agents walks from offices to restaurants. It is better along these ways the café and dim sum to serve for the agreeable noon break.
After work The Agents go for a drink and taken food, at last they go home by subway. On these ways it is great the Inform of shows, films and advertisements to place.

If we overlap these three maps, we can find out which way is best way in this block all day time and which way is inhospitable. This Result can be used as the reference for the city planning, city development and investment.




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